Fans angry at Young Grace’s dirty interview in media

Rapper Young Grace demands respect from Fearless

Young Grace

Female rapper Young Grace’s fans stormed social networks with strong negative comments about the rapper’s interview revealing her love for sex, publically.

The rapper offered the interview refuting reports claiming she is a lesbian.

Young Grace’s various fans across the country especially youth condemned the language and message portrayed by the rapper in public.

“I like Young Grace’s music but she shouldn’t have expressed her private sexual life in public given her status,” says the rapper’s 18 year old fan, Anita Mutoni, a resident of Kacyiru.

One parent called Aidah Mukabagwiza with two young daughters who are fans of Young Grace advised her to hire someone to train her to deal with the media.

“Young Grace should find someone to advise her on issues related to media especially on questions regarding her private sex life. She is a celebrity with many youth followers,” says Aidah Mukabagwiza.

The 20 years old female hip hop star was forced to apologise publically through local tabloids for promoting sex.

The Bingo star also promised to take seriously fans’ advice.

Born Grace Abayizera in 1994, southern province and started her music career in 2010 from Top Sai 5 studios.

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