Knowless is always on my heart, says singer Safi

Knowless is always on my heart, says singer Safi

Singer Safi

Urban Boy’s lead singer Safi Niyibikora revealed that he still misses his ex-girl friend diva Knowless Butera and she’s always at heart ever since the couple broke up in 2011.

The talented Afro beat star disclosed the information to showbiz tabloids while speaking about his past love life with Knowless.

“Let her know that she is always missed and welcome at any time in my heart as a person we shared a lot in life,” says Safi.

Diva Knowless has been linked to several artistes like King James and Clement Ishimwe to be in love with ever since she parted ways with Safi.

According to Knowless Butera, Safi is one special person she will never forget in her life for believing in her as a singer before anyone knew.

“I still take him as my mentor and best friend who taught me a lot of things as far as my music career is concerned, however no hopes of getting back together as lovers” Knowless explained.

The Rejoice star has climbed on top of music scene as the outstanding female R&B singer ever since she signed contract with Kina music label and she has maintained a single status.

It is believed that diva Knowless kicked out Safi from her life following Safi’s relationships with female fans.

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