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Rapper Diplomate releases new song

Rapper Diplomate releases new song Rapper Diplomate releases new song

 Local hip hop star Diplomate real aka Nuur Fassassi released yet another single dubbed “Nyir’ U Rwanda’.

“The song shows Rwandan history, culture and how the country is transforming into an economic giant,” says rapper Diplomate.

The rapper’s new song also talks about Rwandan culture, history and general development of Rwanda since 1994.

Diplomate added that, he is in love for Rwandan history which inspires him a lot when composing lyrics.

Diplomate recently parted ways with Ray music studio after few months signing a contract with the label.

The Umucyakara w’ ibihe star was once named the best rapper in the country and scooped the best male rapper award in 2009 from Salax awards.

The rapper is famous for his history and political affiliated music that rocked radio stations, Television stations before the likes of Jay Polly and Amag the black made it on top.

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