Platini of the Dream Boys

Platini of the Dream Boys

Bearing the name celebrity comes with a price tag. It is not only excruciatingly burdensome to the stars but it is also a status that is increasingly costing many of our celebrities, a status that they have so hard yearned and worked for, but can’t quite figure out how to maintain it. Most of our local celebrities have emerged from the most of humble beginnings and bore a complete metamorphosis that would easily compel book writers to wriggle a story worth publishing and selling.


From the likes of Jay Polly to Mani Martin to Marshall Mampa, you would almost be moved to tears by their struggles in the past to make it to where they are today. But as most of us know, it’s not being where you are that matters, but it’s rather maintaining that position – or even going higher – that matters most. Regrettably, this is a notion that continues to sadly elude our local celebrities. Whether they take their showbiz careers is something that always shoots into my mind whenever I hear their insipid banter and rants in the media.

The world of showbiz has really changed in Rwanda. To the stars, it is the closest to something that they’ve always wanted but never really had – a flourishing career. Listening to them jabbering all over the media and boastfully turning down interviews from the same media that made them who they really are today, you would not believe it is the same people of yester years who were catapulted to their new found fame by the same media they are turning down. Note that biting the hand that feeds you is tantamount to felony – at least in showbiz – and it will always cost you.


Celebrity means your life is worth celebrating. It means you possess that ardent decorum that inevitably make everyone want to imitate and idolize you. That is how celebrities are made. But strip them of all those pompous cars and wealth and you are left with a bunch of hopeless bozos who can’t even stand on their two feet.

That said, someone needs to teach our local celebrities to develop a social acumen that perfectly blends with their status or else they will be confronted with an imaginable scenario that would be way too difficult to entangle themselves from, before it’s too late.  No matter how high you rise and no matter how you achieve those great heights, it’s always vital to put into your mind one important conception: that one day you will go down, perhaps faster and more thunderous than you rose in the first place.






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