Rwanda : Artists shocked by strict time management at Agaciro concert

Artists shocked by strict time management at Agaciro concert

Various local artists left expo grounds at the gig dubbed Agaciro concert puzzled after they were denied to perform because of not respecting time.

The gig was organized by local artists and Kigali City Council youth forum to raise funds for Agdf, however it turned a great mess for musicians who arrived late.

“We had agreed on time with all artists who were going to perform and we couldn’t reverse the schedule for late comers” said Innocent Bayigana, head of youth forum in KCC.

He added that this will teach artists a lesson to always respect time and I don’t know why they would come behind the schedule on their own initiated concert.

However artists like Kamichi, Knowles, Jado, Eric Senderi and Impala thrilled the crowd because of respecting stage time and owning the event.

Musicians like Riderman and Urban Boyz came late boosting and ready to sing but they left the place humiliated because of not respecting time agreement.

This is one of the problems that local music industry is facing because artists don’t respect show time.

It is estimated that some musicians use this trick as a swagga to show how strong and influential among the fans.




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