Rwanda : Underground musicians name Riderman Godfather

Underground musicians  name Riderman  Godfather

After using his talent to promote and support upcoming musicians, Rider man is taken as a Godfather to local underground musicians.

Rapper Riderman initiated a campaign to search for well talented artists from streets to his own studio and produce for them songs, free of charge.

Capital is one of the biggest challenges encountered by local upcoming artists where by most of talents are excluded hence blocking the development of local music industry.

Currently Ibisumizi studio located in Nyakabanda sector, Nyamirambo, produces songs for more than 10 upcoming new musicians that have been locked up on the streets without money to hit the studios.

Rapper Riderman and CEO of Ibisumizi recording studio told how the idea of supporting helpless musicians came from.

“Personally, I passed through underground life which is very notorious and at times it even kills brilliant talents that can improve our music industry locally and regionally” said CEO of Ibisumizi Riderman.

He added after being successful with few riches, I decided to help my fellow brothers, sisters whom I left on the streets begging producers but all in vain.

Ibisumizi studio produces both audio and video which gives chance for upcoming artists to reveal their talents to the world. talked one of the already established female artists Queen Cha from Riderman’s project whose songs a rocking urban radios.

“He’s our God sent father because the music industry is not easy to penetrate without money or other sacrifices especially when you’re a female musician” said R&B star Queen Cha

However Riderman calls for more support from both government and private sector to support and improve Rwanda’s music industry.

Ibisumizi recording label boosts upcoming artists like M Izzo, Queen Cha, Benzo and other famous musicians paccy and Danny.



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