Patrick Nyamitari planning album launch

Patrick Nyamitari planning album launch

Patrick Nyamitari may have been a disappointed man when he crashed out of this year’s music competition Tusker Project Fame, but the star says he is determined to put all that behind him and concentrate on his next project which is to launch his second album. Nyamitari was shown marching orders from the house just a day before the finale.

Nyamitari was responding to reports from the media that he had gone quiet all over a sudden; a factor that had been attributed to the fact the star had been utterly demoralized by the exit from the competition.

He said: “In every competition there must be a winner and a loser and unfortunately I didn’t win but it happens.”

It has been alleged that artists who come from the eight-week competition fail to make a mark on the local music scene. Gabiro, Teta, Jackson Kalimba and others are just but a few examples who gave it a try, but fell short. Since then, they have not exuded the same talent they showed during their respective performances in the competition.

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