Jay Polly caught in yet another brawl with local FM station

Jay Polly caught in yet another brawl with local

In what seems like the latest yet ugliest brawl with the media (again!) Jay Polly has turned the heat on himself after getting involved in a scathing affray with a local FM station. The rapper, whose reputation has been blighted by his typical high temper and an eerie relationship with the media, was once again the centre of controversy when he turned up late night at the studio of Contact FM inebriated.

It was anticipated that Jay Polly would arrive at the studio not later than 9pm where he was the guest during a live talk show, but the fickle rapper turned up three hours later, apparently intoxicated. His inability to contain his temper resulted in the radio’s management throwing him out of the studio, but not without the former throwing words of insults to the show’s presenter.

And following the developments, reliable sources have told rwandashow.com that all of Jay Polly’s songs have been deleted from the radio’s hard drives in a move seen as retribution towards the rapper’s conduct.

Such behavior is not strange though, coming from the rapper. In 2012 he was involved in yet another similar scuffle with the media when he publicly declared that journalists in Rwanda working in entertainment “are empty vessels.” The endless debates that would follow his avowal are worthy to remember but to relish.

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