Producer Cheetah quits JFB records

Famous audio producer Chris Cheetah, parted ways with JFB records and has joined Bless World music studio as main audio producer.

Chris revealed that he left the JFB studio on good terms with the management and hopes to continue supporting them if need be.

“I left the studio due to my personal interests and the management of JFB records understood my reasons,” says producer Chris Cheetah.

He promised to improve Bless world music studio although he hasn’t signed the contract yet.

Producer Cheetah quits JFB records


Chris Cheetah has produced songs for established artists like Tom Close, Khizz Kizito, Social Mula, Gisa and Danny Nanone under the JFB records.

Some of his productions include; Agakufi by Social Mula, Celebrations by Khizz and Nibeza by Tom Close.

Bless world, is a new music studio based in Gikondo while JFB is located in Nyamirambo and has been existent for more than 4 years.

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