Doctor Jijii to oust new video

Doctor Jijii to oust new video


Upcoming Zouk singer, Dr. Jiji aka Ladies Lover will release new video for his song ‘Super market’ a new new duo with Mc Tino, by Monday, next week.

 “We are done with the shooting, by next week, the video will be out on sale in music stores,” said Dr. Jiji.

The video scenes were captured in various areas around Kigali city.

Jijii’s first video Untere Ibuye was banned on RTV for its immoral scenes and images.

The singer tasted the lime light in 2013, when his single Untere Ibuye featuring Amagi the Black and Bruce Melody topped music charts.

Dr. Jiji boasts of songs like Untere, Fata and super market.

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