Diplomate vows to revamp his music

Diplomate vows to revamp his music

Diplomate plans a mega comeback

Struggling hip hop star, Diplomate vows to revamp his music in order to top music charts in 2014, like in 2010.

The Umucakara w’ibihe hit maker hopes to regain his former glory through collaborating with big names in the hip-hop game, the likes of Riderman, Jay Polly and Amagi the black.

Diplomate will perform also perform at several Youth concerts, to regain his fans.

The rapper tasted the lime light in 2007 but the fame phased out in 2010, when he deserted singing for greener pastures in neighboring Kenya.

The rapper is famous for his history and political affiliation lyrics which made him more popular to both youth and adults.

In 2010, Diplomate was contracted by MTN mobile Company to market their products, the position has been grasped by his music rival, Jay Polly.

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