Jay Polly in commemoration song collabo

m_Jay Polly in commemoration song collabo

It’s probably one of the rarest commemoration songs that features hip hop artistes. Twibuke Twiyubaka by Jay Polly, Green P, Niyorick, Ganza, Fazzo and Dielon is one of a kind.

 Last year there were critics who argued hip hop artists were adamant to release such tracks to commemorate fallen brothers and sisters who died during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

 Now with hip hop heavyweights like Jay Polly and Green P involved, there is renewed hope that more and more musicians will come up with more commemoration songs.

 This year the theme Twibuke Twiyubaka saw a large number of artists come up with many compositions during the 20th commemorations.

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