Mind your business, Urban Boys’ Safi tells off haters

m_Mind your business, Urban Boys’ Safi tells off haters

Urban Boys’ Safi Niyibikora

Urban Boyz vocalist Safi Niyibikora has warned their haters to back off and mind their own business instead of wasting time on the trio’s progress.

This comes following a hot debate on social media that the group inflated money spent on new song Tayali featuring Nigeria’s Inyanya.

Speaking to Rwandashow.com, singer Safi advised people who don’t like Urban Boys music to stop tarnishing their name.

“Those hypocrites should mind their own business because no one came to us asking receipts of how we spent the Rwf20 million before uttering garbage,” said the seemingly furious Safi.

Niyibikora added that, people should be proud of how Rwandan music is growing steadily because in recent years, no artiste would even manage to pay his/her own air ticket.

Urban Boys is one of the groups in Rwanda that thrills music fans with quality music videos as well as energetic performances on stage.

The group is made up of three singers, Safi Niyibikora, Nizzo Ahmed and Manzi James aka Humble Gizzo.

Urban Boyz is famous for songs like Ishyaba, Take it off and Umwanzuro.

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