Language barrier could be a reason why Rwanda is replacing Angola in BBA

m_Language barrier could be a reason why Rwanda is replacing Angola in BBA

On Monday 26th May Big Brother Africa reality show organizers announced that Rwanda will be replacing Angola in the coming Big Brother Africa season 9, 2014 but they did not reveal the reasons behind Angola’s replacement.

However, there’s ongoing rumor around social networks and tabloids that Angola being Portuguese speaking could be a reason why it lost her place to English/French speaking Rwanda.

Although this is not confirmed officially yet, Big Brother Africa affiliated viewers and showbiz tabloids connect the fact to poor performance of two Angola’s representatives last year in season 8 who had English problems in the house.

Angola was represented in season 8 by then 29 year-old Biguesas and 32 year-old Neyll.

Rwanda is set to participate in Africa’s most viewed reality television show for the 1st time ever.

The reality show being famous for romance and immoral activities on big screens is still perceived in a negative way by some of the people in Rwanda but youth embrace the idea of putting together various cultures and socializing as Africans.

Speaking to a renowned journalist Richard Kwizera of Kigali Today Ltd commented on the idea of Rwanda joining other countries in BBA.

“Many people have a biased perception towards this reality show. They consider it as a game of romance and sex. But there is a way of playing the game wisely without engaging in all those stuff,” acknowledged Richard Kwizera.

Rwanda for years has been denied chance to join the reality show due to different reasons including limited number of DSTV subscribers compared to other countries like Kenya and Uganda.

The reality show which started way back in 2005 has attracted dramatic and wonderful characters that have kept viewers glued to screens.

The reality show also has produced some of the best TV, radio presenters and fashion icons that have graced various celebrity tabloids and social networks.

Some of the big names produced by the BBA include Gaetano Kagwa (Uganda), a presenter at studio 53, Zambian diva Mampi, and Tanzanian Mwisho, super video vixen Dellish who won season 8 in 2013.

Participating countries in BBA season 9, 2014 include Rwanda, Namibia, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leon, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Entries are only open to persons over the age of 21, who are citizens of one of the participating countries and must have a valid passport.

Producers are looking for persons who are entertaining and passionate about the Big Brother experience; and they have to be fluent in English. Big Brother Africa is produced by Endemol SA.

Audition dates will be communicated in June and the reality show will kick off on 7th September this year.

The winner will walk away with USD 300,000, the show runs for 91 days on channels 197 and 198 on DSTV decoder.

However, it’s prohibited to enter the house with a partner according to Big Brother Africa rules.

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