Dr. Jiiji’s controversial video to face Ministry of Culture ban

Makuza speaks about Jiiji’s song

Makuza speaks about Jiiji’s song

The Ministry of sports and culture has vowed to ban singer, Dr Jiiji’s new video dubbed, ‘come to bed’ by the end of the week.

This was revealed on Sunday at a local radio station by the Director in charge of culture promotion in the Ministry of Sports and Culture, Lauren Makuza.

“Jiiji will be summoned to explain his motives for such a dirty video,” said Makuza.

Jiiji’s video has been pinned for promoting prostitution and undermining the catholic Faith because of the nun-like outfits women don in the video.

Recently MINISPOC banned Urban Boys’ video dubbed Ancilla for having dirty scenes.

It’s not the first time for singer Jiiji to produce such video; the singer in fact rose to fame in 2013 for his video Antere Ibuye, which is equally obscene and contrary to the Rwandan culture.


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