Miss Rwanda for charity concert

m_Miss Rwanda for charity concert

Miss Rwanda

The reigning Miss Rwanda, Colombe Akiwacu will host a charity concert to support genocide widows,in Rwamagana. The concert is in partnership with Unity Family club. The widows will be given food stuffs and immediate needs.

“As a kid I wished to support vulnerable people and it’s high time I used my fame to support the cause,” Akiwacu told KT RADIO 96.7.

Akiwacu added that, all the money that will come out of the concert will be used to buy necessities for the women.

Established artists like Allion, B-Guns and King James will perform at the concert. The raised money will be used to support the widows.

The concert will take place on 29th, June , 2014 in Rwamagana, Eastern province ,Akiwacu’s place of birth.

Miss Akiwacu is more in charity projects especially supporting orphans and women.

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