Dr Jiiji shocked by Lea’s stories in media

Dr Jiiji shocked by Lea’s stories in media

Zouk singer Dr. Jiiji, real names Janvier Mugabukwali refuted reports in media that he neglected his young boy with Lea Muziranenge and he was shocked to see such stories in media.

The super market hit maker officially commented on the issue for the first time live on KT Radio 96.7 on Saturday night.

“Some journalists fabricated the story together with Lea to tarnish my image but I take care of my boy like any other father,” says Dr Jiiji Janvier Mugabokwali.

Mugabokwali added that, I have been supporting my boy through his mother but I was shocked to see such horrible story spreading in media.

The singer also plans to drag in court people behind the false story including Lea for trushing his image.

In a series of published stories tabloids, Lea accused Jiiji of living lavish life when his young hardly get what to eat and shelter.

The singer tasted the lime light late August 2013, when his single Antere Ibuye featuring Amagi and Bruce Melody topped music charts.

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