Singers Alpha, Kidumu in a new song

Kidumu and Alpha on stage recently

Kidumu and Alpha on stage recently

Local Afro beat singer and TPF winner Alpha Rwirirangira has dropped a new song featuring Burundi’s sensational singer Kidumu Kibindo dubbed Kazi Ni Kazi.

The new song was produced by producer Pastor P of Narrow road studios and urges youth to take serious work to boost their incomes as well as developing the nation.

Speaking to, singer Alpha Rwirangira explained more about his music plans.

“I promised new songs to my fans and Kazi Ni Kazi is one of the new songs, hope the crowd will like it,” says Alpha Rwirangira.

Alpha added that, apart from love songs, people also want inspiring music which speaks of real life they live day by day.

This is the second tune done by both artists after their single dubbed Birankaze.

Alpha& Kidumu in Birakaze song

Alpha& Kidumu in Birakaze song

Alpha is working hard to go back to school in the states after finishing his music projects including shooting new videos.

The singer recently got a new manager to promote his music projects called Herman Ngoga.

Alpha is the only artist from Tusker Project Fame Academy who has remained outstanding musically in the region.


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