Hip Hop music is not all about negativity and ghetto life – Rapper Danny

Hip Hop music is not all about negativity and ghetto life - Rapper Danny

Rapper Danny Nanone

Local rapper Danny Nanone has said that the time of preaching negative messages in hip hop is over and it’s time for passing love messages to build a positive future generation.

The former Bridge records rapper is known for recording love songs unlike other rappers and is proud of doing hip hop love songs.

 “I like doing love songs in hip hop because it gives me hope and peace as well as entertaining my fans across the country,” says rapper Danny Nanone.

Danny added that people should not think that hip hop music is all about ghetto life and beef, “but I want to spread love messages through hip hop music and it’s possible.”

Rapper Danny is doing the same thing done by legendary rapper LL Cool J who is famous for out competing with R&B artists in recording love songs.

Although artists like Danny and LL Cool J sometimes are not well received in the rap community for spreading love message due to the original hip hop aim to express hardships faced by black Americans many years ago.

m_Veteran rapper LL Cool J

Veteran rapper LL Cool J

LL Cool J boasts of songs like Harsh, Love you better and is famous for promoting young hip hop stars especially those recording love songs.

“Some do it for gangsters, streets and I do it for the ladies but it’s all about money,” said LL Cool J when asked why he prefers recording love songs in hip hop.

Rapper Danny Nanone is one of the best rappers in the country despite failing to release an album, since 2008 in music industry.

The Amafaranga star has more than 10 songs featuring other artists and few solo tracks, the fact that made him spend years doing music but without a single album on his own.

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