Rapper Fearless releases new video

m_Rapper Fearless releases new video

Rapper Fearless

 Upcoming female rapper Amina Keza Niyonsenga aka Fearless dropped a new video of her latest song I like you after long time of missing on the music scene.

The new video was not well received by music fans due to the rapper Fearless being half naked in the video.

In the video Fearless is seen dancing dirty around the guy in bikinis.

Speaking to Rwandashow.com, rapper Fearless made it clear that she wanted the video that way and that there is nothing wrong with wearing bikinis in the video.

“The script of the video included scenes done in swimming pool and besides that I liked the idea of wearing only bikinis in the video,” said Fearless.

She added that, donning revealing clothes in her videos increases viewership of her videos hence expanding music audience.

m_Fearless aka Stamina

Fearless aka Stamina

     The ministry of sports and culture recently banned two videos of Ancilla (Urban Boyz ) and Come to bed (Dr. Jiji ) that had immoral scenes but that hasn’t stopped other artists like Fearless to shoot such videos.

The Ubuzima star started her singing career way back in 2010 as a gospel artist but later switched to secular and became famous due to her dirty dancing style.

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