Mugitaramo cyateguwe n’itsinda ry’abanyamakuru, abazambikana impeta bazegukana ibihemboMugitaramo cyateguwe n’itsinda ry’abanyamakuru, abazambikana impeta bazegukana ibihembo
Kinyarwanda, Shows - February 12, 2016

Ku munsi w’abakundana, mu gitaramo cyateguwe n’itsinda ry’abanyamakuru, abazambikana impeta bazegukana ibihembo, abazaba bambaye neza n’abazazinduka kurusha abandi nabo bazahembwa. Bimwe mu bihembo bizahatangirwa harimo amatelefoni, divayi, ibikoresho by’isuku, gato (gateaux) n’izindi mpano zitandukanye. Muri iki gitaramo Ngarukamwaka cyiswe “Soirée des Amoureux”hazaririmbamo bamwe mubahanzi baririmba indirimbo z’urukundo nka Mani Martin, Dream Boyz, Jules Sentore, Umutare [...]

2Abahanzi nyarwanda batangiye gushaka amajwi muri Guma Guma
Kinyarwanda, News - February 11, 2016

Benshi mubahanzi nyarwanda bari gukora cyane ngo babashe kwinjira mu marushanwa ya PGGSS isigaje igihe kitageze ku kwezi ngo ibe. Irushanwa rya Guma Guma ni riwme murituma abahanzi nyarwanda bakora cyane. Ibi bikaba binagaragazwa n’indirimbo zirimo gusohoka ubutitsa z’abahanzi nyarwanda, ingufu barimo gushyiramo mu kuzamamaza ndetse no kwiyegereza abafana babo. Ibi biragaragarira mu buryo aba [...]

Nizzo and Uwase with a baby whom she claims he is the father.I have never slept with Uwase- Nizzo
English, News - February 10, 2016

Urban Boyz singer Nizzo Ahmed denied having a kid with Uwase Clemance who claims that Nizzo is a father to her baby. The news of a woman carrying a baby claiming that Nizzo is a father started doing rounds on social media Tuesday afternoon. “Am surprised that woman called me and I thought she just needs help [...]

‘I am enjoying being a father’‘I am enjoying being a father’
Celeb, English - February 10, 2016

Local R&B singer Jules Sentore has been on a roll. His music projects are promising, his dream venture, and recently was gifted with a baby girl. Sentore is flying high — literally, what with the birth of his daughter “I am enjoying being a father. I’ve come to realise that fatherhood is one of the [...]

m_1Miss Rwanda contestant Rahamatali pulls out from the competition
English, News - February 9, 2016

Miss Rwanda 2016 participant Naima Rahamatali withdraws from the competition to take care of her dad who has fallen sick. This comes after Naima wrote a message and shared it on social media wishing her fellow contestants a nice competition. “Due to my daddy’s illness I won’t be able to continue with the competition but [...]

Two 4real crew announce their split: 'It's time to move on'Two 4real crew announce their split: ‘It’s time to move on’
English, News - February 6, 2016

It is no longer a rumour Two 4real crew part ways to pursue solo careers according to Aiden TK’s social media post. Recently rumors has been going in tabloids accusing Two 4real group break up over issues of sharing profits but no one of the members could clear the air. However, Two 4real’s crew rapper [...]

Africa needs visionary leaders like Kagame- Tanzanian rapper AYAfrica needs visionary leaders like Kagame- Tanzanian rapper AY
English, News - February 3, 2016

East African finest rapper Ambwene Allen Yessayah famous on stage as AY revealed that Africa need leaders like president Kagame who got ego and vision to speed up development as well as his good fight on corruption. The bongo flava star disclosed the information in an exclusive interview with a local website Igihe. “Kagame has [...]

Hollywood actress Meghan coming to RwandaHollywood actress Meghan coming to Rwanda
English, News - January 29, 2016

International renowned film star Meghan Markle is coming to Rwanda for the second time, this comes after the Hollywood sweet heart announced her journey to a thousand hills country through her social media. The Ambassador for World Vision did not disclose the details of her trip to Rwanda but some have already speculated that, her [...]


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