Nyamasheke: Gasigwa earns through Playing Iningiri

Pierre Gasigwa a resident of Karisimbi sector in Nyamasheke district says that playing ‘Iningiri’ has helped him support his family alongside a not well paying job of digging pit latrines.

Iningiri is a traditional music instrument that is similar to a violin which produces a sharp sweet sound.

Nyamasheke Gasigwa

According to Gasigwa, he picked the skill of playing this instrument in his early childhood and use to make his own instruments using plastic cups. But now he manufactures the instruments using cow horns and sisal strings and sells to other people too.

During the interview Gasigwa had a regret which is: “I have not been able to develop my talent because all this time I have managed to do only four songs.

He requests any well wisher out there to support him to develop his talent and be able to get tangible profits from it.

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