Thomas Sankara’s documentary film to screen at Goethe Institute

 Thomas Sankara’s documentary film to screen at Goethe Institute

Thomas Sankara’s l’homme intègre is moving documentary by Robin Shuffield that shall be screened at Goethe Institute on Tuesday November 26th 2013.

The name Thomas Isidore Sankara is perhaps too familiar with everyone.  As president of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987, Thomas Sankara became one of the most promising leaders Africa has ever seen. His pioneering political goals were far beyond what African presidents would have thought and risked.

Opposing the French post-colonial power, foreign aids and corruption he reached for a fundamental social and economic change. Promoting public health, education, environmental consciousness, and agrarian self-sufficiency, he was famous for his personal modesty at the same time.

Probably supported by Western agents, Sankara was murdered with 15 members of his government in a coup d’etat on 15th October 1987.

Together with other two similar-themed documentaries Capitaine Thomas Sankara and Sankara dans mes rimes by two separate authors, Christophe Cupelin and Baoui Jean Camille Ziba respectively, the evening will see one of Africa’s greatest presidents immortalized.

The screenings shall take place at 6.30pm and entrance will be free.

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