Bye Bye Vacance is here once again

Bye Bye Vacance is here once again

The annual Bye bye vacance gig that takes place every January before high school students return to school is here once again. The buzz and euphoria that come with it is always worth relishing, while students get an opportunity to enjoy their few remaining days of the holidays.

Set to take place at Mamba Club on January 4th from 1pm, artists such as former Tusker Project Fame contestant Gabiro, Uncle Austin, Kid Gaju, Lil G, Jay Polly and others will perform. Entry fees have been fixed at 2,000Rwf.

There will also be an after party at Chapter One Club where entrance will be absolutely free. The event has steadily gained an insurmountable momentum over the years having previously been regarded as a teens-only affair, but it has now received a wide acclaim with big local companies coming over to offer their sponsorship.

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