Der Turm (The Tower) to premiere at Goethe Institute

Der Turm (The Tower) to premiere at Goethe Institute

The Tower, a two-parter film by Christian Schwochow will premiere at Goethe Institute in Kiyovu today.

 The film, released in 2012, runs for 87 minutes and tells of a family’s struggle within a totalitarian system, typical of former Socialist East Germany.


The Hoffmann’s family celebrates Christmas like the upper class does, privately, with small luxuries, joking about the government, playing music; only the Christmas gifts show that their prosperity is limited. The two-parter film “Der Turm” (The Tower) tells the family’s history at the end of the socialist German Democratic Republic’s existence (former East Germany).

It has been a long time that Richard Hoffmann, a doctor by profession, has come to opportunist terms with the system, but his lifestyle makes him a subject to blackmail by the STASI (the state’s intelligence service).

His son Christian is struggling with the morals at school, while uncle Meno fights half-hearted against censorship. The Tower is a saga about the arrangement with a political system at the point of falling apart.

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