O Grande Kilapy to premiere at Goethe Institute


Tuesday’s regular film screening at Goethe Institute returns this 25th February at 6.30pm with O Grande Kilapy a movie about a dubious Angolan banker Joao Fraga, who spends a fortune for his luxury life and steals the bank’s money for the liberation of Angola.

Fraga is a young Angolan who just wants to live his life, have fun with friends spending his money. The mestizo boy is the descendant of a rich family from the colonial period.


In the Angolan language Kimbundu, “Kilapy” means swindle or fraud. Inspired by a real figure, THE GREAT KILAPY is about Joao Fraga nicknamed Joãozinho, a big-spending Casanova who beds white women, and who pulls off an ingenious scam against the colonial administration’s Tax and Revenue Collections office.

Although Frao is the Senior Executive of the National Bank of Angola, he diverts the institution’s own funds, distributing money to colleagues and activists for the liberation of Angola and has to deal with the consequences. He ends up in jail, but when he gets out, is upheld by society as a local hero.

In this witty and forceful portrait of the last decade of Portuguese rule in Angola, a world of wealth and glamour is authentically depicted against the backdrop of the fall of the colonial regime.


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